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I help build strong women.


I teach women how to be confident and empowered through fitness and health in order to live a big, full life.
As a personal trainer + fitness coach, yoga teacher, writer, speaker, and general health enthusiast my passion is to build strong, empowered women. My definition of strong encompasses more than the physicality. To be strong in body, mind, and character is a solid foundation for living well.  The more we love and show up for ourselves the better we can love and show up for the people around us. Every relationship you have and will ever have stems from the one you have with yourself so it'd better be a solid one!
I live for finding what motivates each person to live the life they want and to feel greater than they ever thought possible. Watching women crush goals is a beautiful thing. You are stronger than you know!
I've been in the fitness industry for 15 years in one way or another. I was an athlete, turned group class junkie, turned lifter, turned yogi, turned somewhere semi-balanced in the mix. I've struggled with weight, using a crazy career in PR and Event Planning as an excuse to eat all the foods and drink all the drinks. I've struggled with finding my voice and using it. After years of struggling I'd hardly say I have it all figured out, but I certainly love to share what's worked for me via my knowledge and experience as well as what works for my clients. 

Who I Am

A coach, yoga teacher for kids with special needs, writer, sweat lover, Brussels sprout obsessor, friend, sister, daughter, lover of learning, entrepreneur, grounded/stubborn Taurus, an extroverted introvert, and always on a mission to create change.

What I Love

Teaching, being active, dumb jokes, early morning coffee in bed, cooking, girl talk, writing, reading, lifting weights, wine, human connection, supportive communities, talking about business, and wearing boots (but not loving winter).

Where You Can Find Me

You can email me at megan@megansicheri.com

You can follow me on IG, Facebook, Twitter at @megansicheri

You can look up at the night sky when the moon is full.